Bitcoin Trading DO’s and DONT’s

Have fun, feel rich, always smile! 😉

  • Disregard Trollboxes
  • Watch buy/sell walls & vol
  • Work WITH the bots, they are helpless …
  • Take profits, don’t be greedy
  • OF COURSE „he cheated“
  • Buy pre-pumps! Sell at pump
  • Don’t sell at huge loss!
  • Don’t sell at huge loss!
  • Don’t sell at  …
  • Overall Exchange Vol. matters
  • Watchout for fake-outs
  • Falling knives are an artform
  • OF COURSE „he cheated“
  • New/low coins,  get dibs on pumps
  • Diversify your exchanges
  • Don’t gamble with your FOOD
  • Arbitrage exchanges only on 15%+
    (fees & variable change kill you)
  • Watch for new altcoins/get some!
  • Only pump, what you can lose
  • Don’t sleep with your bots on high
  • Don’t sleep!
  • Everything is a bear/bull trap
    (take advantage of it at all times)
  • Being IN the market, matters
  • Sometimes pumps backfire baaad
  • It’s not gambling, but it’s close to that
  • Don’t forget to eat, feed the dog,
    shave, practice speaking, and
    stock up on plenty of tissues….




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